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Provincial Labour Office Uttaradit

Uttaradit province. Youth training program as “a good career.”


       Mr. F’s Oitin Ciri Ocean Orange Uttaradit province governor. As director of security in Uttaradit province. President opening training program is a good career for young South. New legislation and said Takun child labor, academics and special skills. Governor of Uttaradit province, instead of maintaining workers. Joint honor at the opening of training young people as a good professional program on March 11, 2553 that the practice since February 24 -6 April 2553 consisting of 50 branches welder. Furniture store technician. Branch staff computers. Branch and welder at the Air Development Center Skill Uttaradit province. Phitsanulok Road – Hybrid Edenchai water district, Muang District, Uttaradit Province.